Return to Helix Academy: Chapter 8

Back at the Feast of the Ascension Party, Alex is on the lookout for a temporary fix for his broken heart. Him and Jordan hit it off, and take their conversation to another room. All is well until a couple of guys from school walk in on them. Alex just can't catch a break.

Red Hot Festivities | Part 4: After the Party

After the Helix Latinos New Years Eve party, Felix, Tommy, Cesar and Mark went to visit Giorgio, who was unable to go to dinner. The boys are a bit drunk and horny, it doesn't take long to start kissing and touching each other in bed. Soon they will take off all their clothes and suck eachother off before penetrating each other. A hot night and an orgy to start the year. Various hot penetration poses with very hard penises and hot ends in mouths and asses. A great way to start 2021 at Red Hot Festivities.____________________________Despus de la fiesta de Fin de Ao de Todos los Helix Latinos, Felix, Tommy, Cesar y Mark fueron a visitar a Giorgio, que no pudo ir a la cena. Los chicos estn un poco tomados y calientes, no tarda en empezar a besarse y tocarse en la cama. Pronto se sacarn toda la ropa y se chuparan sus miembros antes de penetrarse. Una noche caliente y una orgia para comenzar el ao. Varias poses de penetracion calientes con penes muy duros y finales calientes en bocas y colas. Una buena manera de comenzar el 2021 en las Red Hot Festivities.

Return to Helix Academy: Chapter 7

Trevor sits alone for some much needed reflection on life. Alex interrupts to confess his love which is of course, unrequited. If Trevor can't have what he wants, why should anyone else?Eli hits up the Feast of the Ascension Party for a distraction. He lets Josh ramble on about who knows what, then takes him home because as the saying goes… the best way to get over someone is to get under somebody else.

Red Hot Festivities | Part 3: Santa’s Gift

The Christmas season in the Southern Hemisphere is very hot, and Sly, Tommy and Daryl enjoy their fully assembled Christmas tree and presents underneath, have fun and everything gets very hot. They lick their erect members and Sly, who is the most active, proposes to be the alpha male of the situation. Then Tommy and Daryl agree to all of their requests.Tommy is penetrated by Daryl as Sly orders, but then Sly joins a train of penetrations from behind. Then Daryl sits on Tommy's erect penis, while Sly puts his erect member in their mouths. Then again Sly decides to penetrate Daryl. Finally Sly and Daryl throw their semen into Tommy's mouth and his member explodes on his body as well. A Christmas masterpiece with all the ingredients that will leave all the spectators very hot._________________________________La temporada de Navidad en el hemisferio sur son muy calientes, y Sly, Tommy y Daryl disfrutan de su rbol de navidad ya armado por completo y los regalos debajo, se divierten y todo se pone muy caliente. Se lamen sus miembros erectos y Sly que es el mas activo propone ser el macho alfa de la situacin. Entonces Tommy y Daryl acceden a todos sus pedidos.Tommy es penetrado por Daryl como ordena Sly, pero luego Sly se suma por detrs a un tren de penetraciones. Luego Daryl se sienta en el pene erecto de Tommy, mientras Sly pone su miembro erecto en la boca de ambos. Entonces de nuevo Sly decide penetrar a Daryl. Finalmente Sly y Daryl tiran su semen en la boca de Tommy y su miembro explota tambin sobre su cuerpo. Una obra maestra de navidad con todos los ingredientes que dejara muy caliente a todos los espectadores.

Return to Helix Academy: Chapter 6

Travis is back in town, and Eli can't wait to see him. The excitement is briefly screeched to a halt when he crosses paths with Trevor, who is still trying to plead his case. Get over it Trevor!After Eli puts Trevor in his place, he finally gets to see Travis. Unfortunately, he also sees Riley topless on Travis' couch. Feeling betrayed yet again, Eli takes off, and Riley stays for some fun with Travis and Josh.