Twink Connection

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Soccer Sluts

Latin soccer star, Aiden Garcia is taking some time out to help new teammate, Jacob Hansen, who could definitely use some practice. A few minutes into their private scrimmage, Aiden takes off his shirt and starts flirting, making it clear to Hansen, the soccer star may want to score with him off the field as well. Anxious to get all the pointers, AND uncut latin cock he can, Jacob plays along, pulling off his shirt as well. As their private practice winds down, the flirting heats up, and the ball handlers wind up in Aiden's bed, and switching their game to tonsil hockey. The naughty boys strip down to their sweaty jock straps, kissing and groping their exposed asses as their long dongs jut over the waistband of their jockstraps. Aiden kisses Hansen's exposed appendage, then they peel off their athletic supporters and give one another hot handy j's, before a deep throating 69 session. As Hansen keeps humming on Aiden's uncut anteater, Garcia balances his time between the boy's sweet meat and hot, hungry asshole. As soon as he's got Jacob begging for his huge uncut hog inside him, Garcia slips behind the guy and guides his girth all the way to a gonads deep goal! Garcia shows the guy why he's the star player with stud slamming stamina, smashing ass as Jacob jacks his giant jock directly at the cock cam for sports fans everywhere! Garcia offers the soccer slut a raw ride, which Hansen happily accepts. The boys give new meaning to the word teamwork, as they both work hard as hell, hammering out a fantastic fuck like this was the World Cup of cock! Our all star ass athlete pushes his tight bodied teammate onto his back, hikes his legs up, and slams his goal post back in Hansen's heated hole for more hard hammering. Jacob looks directly into his dick slinger's eyes, tosses his head back in ecstasy, then splatters his well worked out six pack with jock juice. Ass master Aiden explodes like an erotic Olympian, covering his protege with an enormous amount of grade A, all star, soccer sperm. GOAL!!!!

Give and Take

Overcome with teenage lust, Adam Hunt and Miles Pike hurry home after school to explore their budding young boymance. After kissing Pike's pretty lips, Adam heads down south and gobbles down the dude's oversized staff. Miles returns the favor, deep throating Adam's meaty muscle as Hunt hammers his mouth down deeper with a hand at the back to the head. Still randy and ravenous, Pike tongues the towhead's tight twink pucker, before piping the pretty boy with his bareback beast. Adam takes it like a pro, inhaling every thick inch Miles plows into him as he beats his big, blond bone. The teen thrust machines switch places and Pike gets piped doggie style. After Adam's nearly breaks the bed with his hard butt banging, Pike slips behind the blond to bring this after school special to a splashy good climax. Pike pumps piece at pretty boy till he pushes pure, white hot pleasure to the surface. Hunt's hog heaves a fresh batch of heavy cream onto his perfect complexion. The sight of his after school ass partner covered in guy glaze sends Miles over the edge; and, his huge hammer explodes, splattering sex seed absolutely everywhere, like a summertime sprinkler! The secret sex partners finish this fuck with a delicious, breath heavy kiss, covered in cum.