Tight Fit

Keagan Case and Jace Myers attack one another with eager mouths and dirty talk, making out like the hot, horny teens they are! After a sloppy, wet make out sash, cock whore Keagan tugs at Myers jeans, anxious to see that giant everyone's been talking about. He pulls at the boy's well packed, tighty whities and lets that extra large monster loose. Chubbed up, the colossal cock just about hangs to the hotties knees, and little Keagan is hungry as hell! He goes IN on the half engorged Goliath, with on orgasmic onslaught of suckery , stretching the super schlong to its ultimate form. Knowing he gave good, Case strips down, then shoves stiff dick down Jace's throat for some raunchy reciprocation. After the top rate knob job, Myers orders his sexed up snack onto his back, where he tongue fucks the hell out of that hot, little hole till Keagan comes right out and begs for the cock! Happy to fill the fucker up, Myers stuffs every inch of his hero hog deep in the boy's back door. The hungry whore take it all, and moans for more! Jace quickly gets some severe smash speed going, then spices it up with a long, sensual slam. Keagan has quite the cock on him too; and, Jace isn't one to a big dick go to waste. He bends over onto all fours, and receives a right ramming from the twink tank. The partners tag Jace back into the top position, and his piston pounds case on his side till the boy blows, creaming his very happy trail with cum. Jace joins the party, and lets loose all over the dude's lil' hairy hole. With Keagan's can dripping in nasty good nut, and Myers' meat resting against that freshly fucked hole, the pretty pair kiss a kiss of sweet satisfaction.

Thirsty Twink

Johnny Hands leads a swooning, Hayden Lee to the bedroom, and plants a red hot, hunky kiss on the boy. The sultry smooch starts the sexed up couple off on a jock groping journey, that sends their clothes to the floor, and Lee to his knees. Cock hungry Hayden enters the tent pitched in front of him, then handles Hands huge hog like a deep throat demon, cupping the balls then working his lips all the way to the base. Johnny watches, adjusting a smart pair of glasses, which make him look more than a bit like a super hot Clark Kent. After receiving top tier service, the hard bodied hunk downs Lee's stuff dick like a stud, then tosses his legs in the air, and goes ham on that hole. After tasting the twink's trench with his twirling tongue, Hands delivers a hero hammering to the boy's beautiful butt, smashing that seat like Superman in several porned out positions. After making the raw ramming rounds across the entire bed, Lee launches an eat raw large load, splattering the bedspread with twink toss. Johnny jams his jock hard and heavy, pulling out to absolutely drown Hayden's bottom half with hunk spunk!

Public Punishment

It's boys night, and all your favorite twink fuck and spank stars are chinning in the game room. Jacob Hansen accidentally unplugs the Pac-Man machine Travis Stevens JUST hit the high score on, there's hell to pay, PUBLICLY! Travis bends him right over in front of all his buddies for a butt spanking beat down that carries over from the video game to the pool table, which has a game going on! Not looking to spoil Stevens' rear end revenge, porn star-pool players move towards the video games, and the epic seat smack continues. Adding insult to injury, Travis tells the tight tushed twink to take his pants down, to which she replies, "in front of everybody?" Jacob eventually complies and drops trou, exposing his beautiful bubble butt, clad in raging red boxer briefs. Stevens goes spank happy, quickly getting Hansen's hot hind end to match the crimson color of his drawers. Stevens beats the breaks off that backside, while berating the beautiful bastard in front of his boys. For one final indignity, Travis orders the Jacob to remove his underwear. The red asses twink does as he's told, and the porny punishment continues. But, that's not all Stevens has in store for the boy! He pushes the pretty boy into the corner, whips out his cock, and fucks the hell out of Hansen's face! Travis rough houses himself one hot hummer, peppered with more spanking, then concluding with a king sized shot of cum to the face! Hot…. as…. FUCK.

Creamy Cuddles

One big dicked twink is good, but two absolute heaven! Chase Williams combines his superstar powers with new boy on the block, Aaron Roberts in this throat choker! The gifted guys gag down one another's gargantuan groins before Aaron sits his fine ass down on Chase's face for an epic 69 session where he stuffs his dude's massive dong back down his throat for a slurptastic second helping of huge hog! After eating Roberts to the core, Williams smacks the boy on the butt, then stuffs his big beast ball deep with Aaron on all fours. Roberts rams rump back at the raw dogger with youthful, horny hunger, filling his hot, little fuck hole to the limit! Williams comes right back at him, wailing deep within his walls before the twink's tag top, and Roberts gets to show off his ass smashing skills with Chase on his back, and his legs in the air! Williams top tendencies kick back in, or Aaron's ass is just too good not to break back into! Wait her way, Chase crushes that can like the cock king he is, ramming rump till Roberts rifles out thick ropes of raw pleasure, plastering his thigh with pretty boy, porn putty. Chase continues cocking his caboose till he's ready to glaze that gorgeous gluteus with guy goo!his superstar spunk splatters across Aaron's amazing ass, then starts to make it's way towards that sweet, satisfied hole.

Sweet Seduction

Join two of the hottest, young muscle boys on our roster, Tyler Sweet, and Max Carter as they hit the Vegas strip for an amazing date that turns into a "sleep over!" The pretty boys wake in one another's arms with some serious sexual tension to cut! Massive morning wood beckons the boys, driving both dude's to satisfy their deep throat desires. After palming tight bodied twunk, Tyler's tush all night, blond ass addict, Max tosses Tyler's thick legs in the air, and has himself a hearty, back door booty breakfast before slipping Sweet some morning meat. Carter cocks Tyler's tight tail bare and bold, servicing the smooth bubble with big, horny helpings of hog in several porned out positions till the beautiful bottom launches a lusty load all over his baby blue bedding. Slam Master Carter cums simultaneously, pumping his porn star piece balls deep, flooding Sweet's sexy seat with an ass full of white, hot fuck.

Austin Lovett Solo Session

Laid back California lad, Austin Lovett is multifaceted. The pet lover has a dog, and a snake, loves to draw and works in a craft store while attending school with the quirky combo of science and interior design. The versatile bottom loves public restroom sex, and tells of the time he had sex in a superhero movie, then ups the ante with a lil' comedy by saying, "I came when the guy yelled "Shazam!" The fine ass funny boy has a porn sized crush on Austin Wolf, and loves a beasty top! After the fun filled interview, Master Max Carter tells the naughty nineteen year old to stand. This dude's got an incredibly shredded torso, AND…. he is PACKIN'! Carter lets us use his strong hands to caress Lovett's smooth, tight, twink flesh, and he strokes his way across that sizzling torso towards that big, thick dick. Austin enjoys a mini handy from hot hunk Max before hopping in the soapy water filled tub. Austin eases back, relaxing in the warm water as his big beast bobs around, tempting one to touch at the top of the water. Carter reaches through the bubbles and gets that big bone rock hard, then Lovett stands to deliver a heart stopping stroke show before bending over and putting that perfect posterior on dick stiffening display. Carter cracks the boy on the can, smacking that fat but fit fanny around to see it shake with a firm flirtyness. He has the naked, wet, young hottie grab the towel bar, then bend deeper down with the perfect camera angle so it looks like that incredible ass is squatting right down on your face. Then Mr. Max breaks out the lube and lays into the boy's hot hole with two thick fingers. He shoots his middle and pointer finger forward into Austin's ass, greasing him up with his finger gun till his breathing quickens and he's hitching his hips back at Max's hand. Carter spanks his sexy seat, signaling Lovett onto his back once more. There, the tantric twosome work in tandem, stroking and poking pretty boy's perfect parts till his beefy beast is about to blow! Austin then perches his pretty self on the tub's ledge and beats his bone till his busts! Absolutely beautiful!

Introducing Daniel DeLuca

Vegas boy, Daniel DeLuca dazzles in his debut scene with erotic extrovert, Alex Riley! We always love to get to know the new guys; so, Riley greases the grease, turns on his trademark charm, and gets the new guy talking. Originally from California, DeLuca has always thought about doing porn; and, with Helix's headquarters in Vegas, it was truly meant to be! He also shares his coming out story, and reveals he's homoflexible, which means he doesn't mind messing around with a hot girl. Next Daniel discusses his fav positions, AND kinks! It's obvious kinky boy, Alex is excited to share in some pervy proclivities, and he immediately whisks the welcome edition in inside for some sensational sex! Under romantic lighting, the boy's give a gorgeous make out sesh; then, Alex gets right to serving the raven haired hottie his fav kink, a devastatingly delicious face fuck! Riley rails the boy with his rock hard eager, giving him exactly what he likes, and NEEDS. Then, he pulls him up by the face, plants a kiss on those luscious lips, and lays the lad down to attack that ass! He plays with Deluca's piece, licking the thick dick, then deep throating it between orgasmic eye fucks. Anxious to dip that wild wick of his, Alex saunters behind the new boy, and slips his hog in that horned up hole. His meat elicits mighty moans of pleasure, and the camera captures Riley's rump pumping away, thrusting pure peen into the pretty boy's bubble butt. Next, he does the dude dirty in doggy, then turns the twink onto his back for a beastly bang that fills the room with fuck smack. Alex assassinates that ass, and turns Daniels dick into a sharp shooter, spitting spooge clean out of screen! Riley keeps right on ramming raw till his own bone busts, creaming the new dude with a coat of welcome cum.

Staycation Sex

Caleb Gray and Jace Myers have a delicious day date at the park, piggybacking, and playing grab ass in a flirty field filled with sexual tension till Jace pulls Caleb inside to release the porny pressure. After a sultry strip down- duck face session, Gray finds his way to the bulging beast in Jace's jockey shorts. He pulls at Myers' meat filled drawers, then, chokes down as much of that extra thick, long dick as humanly possible. Jace's hunger for for cock kicks in; and, he lays down to get comfortable in front of Caleb's cock, and really goes to town, twirling his talented tongue on that D like a dick hungry demon. Then, Caleb orders his handsome cock sucker to, "eat that ass." Jace happily heaves Gray's legs in the air, and buries his face in that smooth butt. After filling his face with Gray's gifts,Jace aims his epic dick at the boy's beautiful hole. He plunges his piece forward, giving Gray as much of his meat as the lil' dude can handle, cramming cock in that caboose like a boss! Jace's junky trunk is too good to pass up; so, Caleb sits up, then unplugs from Myers' massive dong. The huge cock flops out with a pop, and Gray immediately gets to that ass. He thrusts his huge hog in balls deep, and dicks the dude down, shifting his stuff stick for him as he goes. After deep dicking, Jace jumps back in his boy's booty, and gives the guy the ride of his life. Gray grinds up and down on that dick till his own bone spits, going off like a Geyser. His tight, twitching tunnel tightens around Jace's jock, and takes the tall drink of water to the brink. Caleb puts his pretty face right in the lusty line of fuck fire, then opens his mouth to quench his thirst.

Alex Attacks Zach’s Ass

Woken by his own dreamy, deep dick desires, Zach Letoa wakes. In a horned up haze, the hottie is led down the hall to sultry, sleeping beauty, Ashtin Bates' bed by his horny hunger. Half asleep, and led by erotic instinct, the dick hungry duo put each other through the paces till Ashtin's ample appendage pushes every ounce of Letoa's looming pleasure to the surface. Zach busts all over Bates' bed, instinctively marking his territory till his raw ramming roomie wakes him up with a fountain of fuck to the face.