Thirsty Twink

Johnny Hands leads a swooning, Hayden Lee to the bedroom, and plants a red hot, hunky kiss on the boy. The sultry smooch starts the sexed up couple off on a jock groping journey, that sends their clothes to the floor, and Lee to his knees. Cock hungry Hayden enters the tent pitched in front of him, then handles Hands huge hog like a deep throat demon, cupping the balls then working his lips all the way to the base. Johnny watches, adjusting a smart pair of glasses, which make him look more than a bit like a super hot Clark Kent. After receiving top tier service, the hard bodied hunk downs Lee's stuff dick like a stud, then tosses his legs in the air, and goes ham on that hole. After tasting the twink's trench with his twirling tongue, Hands delivers a hero hammering to the boy's beautiful butt, smashing that seat like Superman in several porned out positions. After making the raw ramming rounds across the entire bed, Lee launches an eat raw large load, splattering the bedspread with twink toss. Johnny jams his jock hard and heavy, pulling out to absolutely drown Hayden's bottom half with hunk spunk!

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