Parkside Pickup

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RealCam: Ashtin Bates and Evan Davis

Armed with only their iPhones, and a hunger for cock, Ashtin Bates and new twink on the block, Evan Davis invite us into their private P.O.V pound session. Porn pro Bates sets up the best shots, and lets the fuck flow while his baby blue boxer briefs fill with hard cock. His hard hammer points right at the newbie, beckoning the boy to come get some. After a tantalizing tease, the twink finals tears into Ashtin's oversized appendage while Bates switches phones to get a gorgeous knob gobble-close up of Evan stuffing his mouth with meat. Edited perfectly between both boy's phone's fuck footage, the feast continues as Davis captures Ashtin eating his fair share of schlong as well. Anxious to pop his porn cherry, Evan hands Ashtin a bottle of lube, then climbs on top of the tatted dude for a sloppy sounding, raw ride that has Davis jacking his dick inches from Ashtin's face. Taking full advantage, Bates opens wide, eating another helping while Davis bounces on the D hard enough to hammer his own hole, AND Bates' thirsty throat. Our tattooed top switches it up and lays down so Davis can get a deeper dicking. He orders the dirty blond onto his back for a pulse pounding- pound down Bates captures up close, and perve-tastically personal. Then, new dude Davis delivers one of the BEST money shots this year, nutting up to his neck, and covering his slender, tight torso with copious amounts of cum in a sexy straight line all down the middle of that beautiful body! With that epic load, he couldn't be with a better partner! Leche' lover Bates basks in the gooey glory, then licks the lad's load up, and sucks the last drop out, straight from that delicious dick. He shares the tasty treasure with Evan through sticky kisses, before aiming his own bone at the boy's pretty face, while ordering him to open his mouth. He fills the the guy's gullet with goo, then kisses him full on the lips. Cum lovers, this one's for you!

Introducing Kane Fox

After Kane Fox's scorchingly hot, solo stroke show, everyone wanted MORE of this red hot muscle twunk! And, what better way to get to know this Fox, than our sexy series, "Introducing." Fan fav Jacob Hansen chats the hottie up over a flirty game of Jenga, where we learn the manly mama's boy hails from a small town in Virginia. Kane is also a bit of a homebody, who loves video games, and going to the gym, which definitely shows in his deliciously developing physique. The new boy on the block came out as bisexual two years ago; but, in an adorable moment of self realization ON camera, realizes, he hasn't been with a girl since! We say, welcome home Mr. Fox, welcome home. The thick bodied twenty three year old has bottomed, but prefers to top; and…..he tells us with a giggle and a grin, he loves balls in his face! At that moment the guy's Jenga game tumbles down onto the table; and, the boys decide to take a tumble in the sheets! After the fun, flirty interview, it's no surprise these two have crazy chemistry. Kane's kisses make Jacob moan, and his boxer briefs fill with rock hard bone. The attentive Fox feels the thick dick throb on his thigh. He drops down to pop his pornstar cherry with one of the best first time "on cam" cock rockers you'll see! The ball loving, boner boy works every portion of Jacob's jock, paying close attention to his favorite, funk filled part. Anxious to take a taste of the new dude, Hansen plants his pretty mouth on Fox's fat phallus, and bobs like a bitch with a bit of help from Kane's hand on his head. Jacob's juicy bubble butt craves attention, and get it in the form of an incredibly erotic, ass eating from the newbie, who's not afraid to GET IN THERE! After the moan inducing butt licking, Hansen finally screams out "oh, just fuck me!" He ends up atop Kane's cock, riding the big rig raw as the rough houser hammers his hips up hard enough to make that ass clap against his thick thighs. Jacob gets smashed on his side, then beat DOWN on his back by Fox's thrusting dick, causing the banged out bottom to shoot, and score a three pointer that launches up, off his torso, and clears clean past his sexy armpit before splattering onto the bed. Kane cranks up the cock, then glazes Hansen's used hole with a butt load of gooey goods. Once fully unloaded, he plunges his veiny piece back in his bottom's backdoor, pumps it a few times, then smacks Hansen's hot hole with his huge hog for good measure.