Travis Stevens Solo Session

Travis Stevens has been a twink superstar since 2014, and remains one thanks to a rigorous workout regime that finds him in the gym several times a week. Fellow superstar, interviewer and director, Trevor Harris finds out Stevens has been working out other muscles in the gym steam room as well! The tasty Texas native tells a deliciously detailed story about his experiences, AND even dives into loosing his virginity at 16. The erotic interview doesn't stop there though! Stevens lets it spill about his favorite scene ever filmed, a triple DP dick down with Josh Brady, and Ashton Summers! After revealing so much, the only thing left to expose is that well worked out body, which Harris handles as the cock stiffening conversation continues. Next, Trevor has the hottie bend over for an ass inspection, which Stevens thoroughly enjoys, before turning back around with a half chub on full display. With both stars working his schlong, it isn't long before Stevens is raging hard while talking about masturbation, and Grindr. Trevor steps back for a bit to let the boy get into a gorgeous grove before ordering his legs in the air for a finger fuck. Stevens moans from the pure pleasure as Trevor plunges more thick digits inside till he's knuckle deep….. thumb included! The incredible sensation sends Stevens sailing into ecstasy, and cum careening across his body, then splattering down onto his nipple. Harris grabs Stevens cock and milks the last drop from his dick as the camera fades on this superstars' fire hot first ever solo!

Sound of Seduction

A few of your favorite models decide to make it a fun night in at the Helix mansion. The guys play Jenga and pool before Caleb Gray picks up his guitar and starts strumming. The twink's talent catches Alex Riley's eye. He realizes, if Caleb can make his guitar sing with a simple stroke of a finger, he must be magic in the sack! Riley flirts with his big brown eyes, and soon enough, the pretty pair head to a more private room. The connection is clear, and the energy electric with every kiss, as the cock crazed twosome tear into one another. Shirts fall, and pants are pushed down, revealing overstuffed underwear which the boys can't keep their hands out of. The twink's take their two tripods out for some mutual masturbation, then Gray gets on his knees for a big swig of cock. The tiny twink eats as much meat as he can, then Alex helps him out with a ferocious face fuck, grabbing Gray by the hair and hammering him down on his hog. Raging hard, Riley pushes the pretty boy down on the bed for a sloppily, slurptastic suck job. Alex grabs the boy and kisses him hard on the lips, and is met with a demand, "i want to feel that tongue on my hole." Riley immediately tosses the twink's tail in the air, and gets to work on that hot, lightly hairy, amazing little ass. After gorging on the twink's tasty tail, Riley stands up, and plants his rock hard piece in Caleb's cock hungry hole. He thrusts hard, moving his hands from Gray's neck to his thighs, punishing all the way. After banging the boy out standing, Alex slips behind Caleb and cocks him on his side. Cumming into the hammer hot, homestretch, Alex annihilates that ass doggy style, causing Gray's engorged groin to gush, spewing spunk over the bed. Riley's breath quickens, and he whips his cock out, which creams all over Caleb's caboose, back, and crack. He shoves his sperm slick dick back up the boy's butt, kisses him full on the lips, then rubs the creamy treat all over Caleb's tight tail.

The Lake House: Episode Three

A game of Never Have I Ever brings out the beast in the boys, sending Brian Gibson, Garrett Kinsley and Jacob Hansen into a hellishly hot threesome! Kinsley sets the ball rolling by daring his two new friends to make out, then joins in on the fun as the guys shed their shirts. Bold beauty Brian orders the boys onto the bed, then drops to his knees. He starts tuning up Hansen's tripod, while Kinsley drops trou, displaying his tremendous talent which is in desperate need for oral attention. With a cock in each hand, Gibson goes between both boys, stuffing his mouth full of massive meat, before jumping on the bed and shoving his schlong in Hansen's hungry mouth. Jacob does the dude one better, backing up behind him to get a taste of that beautiful bubble as Kinsley stuffs his cock down his throat. Then, Jacob jumps up and jams his juicy jock in the boy's freshly eaten ass. Garrett is next to take a ride on Hansen's rod before Brian takes over and Kinsley crams his cock in their new bottom's mouth. Housemate Devin Holt strolls by the thrusty thrupple and takes in the sexy sight, then takes his cock in hand. Uncut, overachiever Gibson gets got by both giant cocks in a doubly delicious-DP dick down that leaves his hog heaving with porny pleasure. His two tops spank it in unison, creaming all over their fresh young flesh, and ending in a three way kiss, before deciding to join the other boys. What delicious debauchery will go down on the next episode of "The Lake House?" Stay tunes to Helix to find out!

Helix Academy: Latin Campus | Ch. 4 The Party

Night in Buenos Aires, the end of the days has come and the boys want to have fun and have some drinks at GIORGIO ANGELO's house. SONNY DAVON has taken too much and begins to imagine his new friends without clothes. It is a good idea that everyone is relaxed, without clothes and a party well up! FELIX HARRIS is going to follow him and everything is unleashed in a very delicious gangbang!

Horny Housekeeper

Housekeeper Jacob Hansen works for Max Carter, who's been a real hard ass lately. Hansen is bound and determined to get even with the boss for being a prick. So, he invites bang buddy Seth Peterson over to fuck in the master's bed! After nearly getting caught when Carter comes home for a sec, Jacob lets his secret lover in the back door, and quickly leads him to the Max's room. The playful pair kiss and strip, before Seth slinks to his knees to suck some cock. Hansen hammers his head down on his dick with both hands, as Seth slobs his knob like a pro. Jacob moves the brunette bone sucker to the bed, then teases the thick bodied twink over his underwear. He pulls the dude's drawers down, and releases that raging rod right into his mouth. Jacob laps at his low hangers before ordering the pretty boy to flip over. Seth has the sexiest, smooth ass ever, and Jacob jams his tongue deep in his horny hole till Peterson begs to get fucked. With the gorgeous guy on all fours, Jacob jams his giant jock in, and gets down to deep dicking business. Seth takes a pounding before offering to even the score; and, Hansen is on his back with Seth lodged deep inside, in a hard slamming second. His huge hog points north as he jacks it in time to Peterson's pounding. Keeping it spicy, the sexed up sluts switch once more. Seth slides down on Jacob's johnson for a raw ride. His bubble butt looks beautiful with Jacob's jizz filled balls banging up against it. Sex sounds fill the air, as Hansen hits Peterson's hot spot, releasing a raging river of nut nearly to his neck. Jacob looks into Seth's eyes and pumps his hips harder, heaving a hot load onto his boy's beautiful booty. The creamy confection covers those cakes, AND freshly fucked hole as the two hotties kiss.

The Lake House: Episode Two

All the guys have arrived and they're settling into the lake house. All except Devin Holt, who's a bit of an introvert. The group notices the shy guy and do they're best to bring the sexy brunette out of his shell. And, nothing helps a shy guy out like five, half naked dudes playing chicken in a swimming hole! Crushes are already forming, and the flirt game is real. Jace Myers and Jacob Hansen heat up the swimming hole with a cock stiffening connection that brings the boys to a private bedroom to explore this vaca crush DEEP. The bedroom boils over with severe sexual tension, as the guys kiss and shed their shirts. Hansen pushes his hottie down on the bed, and drops to his knees. He pulls Jace's shorts down like a man on a mission. Then, he opens his mouth to accept Myers mammoth, meaty member. Knowing he's done well, Hansen straddles Jace's face to receive his reward. Jace envelopes the juicy jock while Hansen helps him out with a hand at the back of his head, heaving hog down that thirsty throat for an epic face fuck. Straddling Myers' mug, all Hansen has to do is ease that beautiful butt back a bit, jump on Jace's giant jock, and take that rig for a raw ride. After a butt bangin' bounce session, Myers decides to even things up a bit. He gets on all fours and accepts every inch Hansen has to offer deep into his hole. Hottie Hansen hits so hard, Jace crumbles into the mattress, giving face down ass up. However, Jacob wants to nut with Myers' meat stuffed in his butt; so, the twink's turn the tables once more, and Hansen gets hammered out on his back, while jacking his junk. Myers pounds the pretty boy till he busts, blasting nut all the way to his nipples. Ready to join him, Jace hears Jacob say "on my face," and that's all he needs to loose his load! He plants himself right next to the naughty boy's beautiful face and fires, catapulting creamy cum high into the air. The tasty treat splatters all over Hansen's cum whore face, getting in his hair, his eyes, and his mouth when he milks out every last drop from Jace's jock.

Helix Academy: Latin Campus | Ch. 3 Voyeur

The all boy Helix Academy: Latin Campus in Buenos Aires is brimming with scalding hot school boys, begging for an erotic education. Away from home for the first time, these lusty Latin, pretty boy-private schoolers push the boundaries, and get extremely adventurous in this dick heavy dorm, leaving their bronze skinned buddies absolutely dripping with cum, and desire.

Jacob Acosta Solo Session

Jacob Acosta jumps into a beautiful, sunlit pool the same way the award winning cam model broke into porn, with a splash! He frolics in the water while eye fucking the camera, flirting big time as he caresses his sinewy, sun kissed body. Jacob then stands, sporting an impressive half chub, and heads to the pool house. He teases a bit more, then pulls at his straining trunks, allowing one of the biggest pool toys you'll see all summer to flop out with fantastic flair. What follows is the taut bodied, twink Adonis working that incredible appendage in a super sexy solo show that'll leave you with heat stroke. The scene ends the way it began….with a ginormous splash! Jacob works his giant to a pretty plum color. The thick dick throbs, yearning for raw, uninhibited release. Just as the pressure for pleasure is almost too much to bare, his big beauty busts, blasting his sculpted belly with shot after shot of summer spunk. Acosta works his cock till it starts to soften a bit; then, he plays with the raunchy river of nut nestled along his six pack. Perfect summer time fun.